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The common factor between Alsace, Lorraine, the Vosges, the Palatinate and Pays de Bitche is that they all make up the heart of the Vosges du Nord Regional Natural Park, which received the prestigious Eden award, “European Tourist Destination” in 2009.

From the wooded hills emerge the walls of old medieval castles, witness of a turbulent past and today, Bitche’s imposing Citadel or the impregnable Simserhof fort, one of the most impressive fortresses on the Maginot Line, honour such memories.

The Baerenthal valley Falkenstein castle

Welcoming and captivating, Pays de Bitche’s stunning landscape naturally attracts you to discover more. The Garden of Peace and the flower arrangements in the town were awarded the Golden Flower award in 2010, a high distinction and a great joy for garden lovers and creative horticulturers.

La planque du thermo maître Hiking in Pays de Bitche

For walking enthusiasts, occasional ramblers or simply escapists from the hustle and bustle of city life, the footpaths around Pays de Bitche offer a wide range of itineraries which allow you discover a diversity of natural resources.

Sand, forest, and ferns made a fatal encountered here three centuries ago and gave birth to prestigious crystal. The crystal pieces from Saint Louis Crystal factory, works of art created by Daum and Gallé, illustrate the exceptional talent of the great glass makers that have come to fame in Pays de Bitche.

Some of their master pieces are displayed in the Saint Louis Crystal museum or at the Crystal and Glass museum at Meisenthal.

This rich, prestigious past continues today with new contemporary creations that synthesize with tradition and innovation using an original variety of shapes and forms such as the famous Christmas balls made at Meisenthal.

Open the doors of time, for an exceptional visit around Pays de Bitche!