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In the Pays de Bitche many rocks are hidden in the forest. Some of them have become very well known, others remain confidential for the protection of the fauna that lives there.

You want to discover some of the most notable rocks of the Pays de Bitche, here are some of them ...

The famous "little Colorado" of Pays de Bitche: the Altschlossfelsen.

In Roppeviller, the Altschlossfelsen rock always surprises. You will need a good hour's walk to cover the whole rock, base and summit. On the summit platform, tables and benches allow you to picnic comfortably.


The "Bog of the Hanau lake" trail

The Pays de Bitche has a dozen bog kolks, most of them are protected because of the exceptional flora that they shelter.

At the pond of Hanau, in Philippsbourg, a path with information panels makes it possible to understand the rarity and the fragility of this natural environment.

From May to September, you can see carnivorous plants, all kinds of cranberries or graceful dragonflies. The trail continues in the forest with the discovery of the main local trees.

The path stretches for almost two kilometers and has no less than 26 information panels. This trail is protected and is part of the Natural Reserve of of the Pays de Bitche.


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